We are proud to celebrate our 5th anniversary on 5th of May Along with our another 4 divisions A mobile app Himachal 365 with many features Marg365 - Market Force Himachal365-TV - A platform To showcase Himachali talent Suvidha Services- On door Essential Services Manavta365 - Social initiative


IQwing Is a dynamic group of talent, with its facility in Hamirpur himachal Pradesh . It is first and foremost, a IT based software ,web & mobile app division
which believe in "Doing the right things” in addition to “Doing things right” and believe in the concept of planning and executing the projects differently, flexibly and innovatively.!

Corporate Associates
Dynamic Staff Admin
Local Shop Tieup
Service Providers in city
Vision is the art of Seeing What is invisible to Others.
Make your Life a mission - not an intermission.
The aim of education is the knowledge. not of facts, but of values.

Our Service

Suvidha Services

It is an essential services division under Himachal 365. In Suvidha Services we are going to provide essential services on your door step. Our aim is to follow the goal and create a strong bond between our Core Company and customers.


It is an android app which toils on man power provision and shop listing. It is a junction where shopkeepers and customers meet each other on a digital platform. Our aim is to connect service class and provide them with their need.


Manavta is committed to bring NGO’s and corporates together to create a more responsible plan. This energy has already touched many lives. It’s time to act; it’s time to give back..

TV Channel 365

It is an infotainment channel which includes various shows having the essence of sacraments and culture of Himachal. Our aim is to connect with every person of the Himachal and make our family large..

Flexible design process
in one place.